Not thrilling, but nice...

Where is my treasure bath?

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Make your own lip balm!

So I was at a very nice spa and tested the Olivinia olive oil lip gloss, fell in love with it, and then by the time I went back to purchase it, all of the tubes were gone. And at $14 per tube I think I dodged a bullet. So I just made my own! Tonight I tried this recipe and modified it. Coconut oil, hazelnut oil, a drop of honey and vitamin E. I didn’t add beeswax, because I just didn’t have any, and it seems to have set up just fine. Melts quickly, but thats ok too. And quite tasty! Success!

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A place mustard and ketchup do not belong

On pasta. The first night we thought it was curry. The second night it was red so I thought marinara. Not so! This hotel has funny ideas about food. Not sure if it’s typical of the country’s cuisine or if this is just the cafeteria chef at this all-inclusive place getting desperate/too creative.

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Wild weekend

A sure sign of old age is looking forward to weekends for all the laundry and chores around the house. Me, I take it a step further and save all the laundry for Saturday night. The machines are always available probably because everyone else in their right mind is out. But throw in a costume drama on TV and I’m set. 


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I think my cat is an assassin

Sneak attack is a favorite game. These might be at least a reasonable defense/distraction for the typical sharp fanged attack.  Or it might encourage it. I’m fine either way as long as it is not my arms that show the scars.